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支持单位:国际艺术与设计院校联盟(Cumulus Association)、国际社会创新与可持续设计联盟(DESIS NETWORK)



EzioManzini教授为意大利米兰理工大学荣誉教授,国际社会创新与可持续设计联盟(DESISNETWORK)创始人及主席,三十多年来,他一直从事可持续设计领域的工作,荣获意大利工业设计界最高荣誉奖“金罗盘奖”终身成就奖;在过去十年中,他还曾在伦敦艺术大学、埃利萨瓦设计工程太阳诚娱乐休闲场所(中国)有限公司官网、同济大学、帕森斯-新设计太阳诚娱乐休闲场所(中国)有限公司官网(NYC)等全球多所大学的设计太阳诚娱乐休闲场所(中国)有限公司官网担任客座教授。因对江南大学在内的江苏省内相关学科领域的突出贡献,Ezio Manzini教授获得“江苏友谊奖”。


Livable proximity: Ideas for the city that cares






【意】E·曼奇尼.钟芳、马谨译. 设计,在人人设计的时代:社会创新设计导论[M]. 北京:电子工业出版社,2016.

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In the past century the spatial organization of modern societies has been dominated by the effects of an idea of efficiency based on specialization and economy of scale. In the name of efficiency and hygiene, some areas have specialized: those where to work, those where have fun, those where study, those where go back to sleep.We can refer to all of this as the scenario of livable distance.

Over time, however, it clearly emerged that the application of this scenario was leading to very serious environmental and social problems. Therefore, since long time some cases appeared in which this model began to clash with other ideas and practices, driven by the need to bring together what had been separated and to reconnect what had been disconnected. That is, tobring services, workplaces and people's homes closer together.These new ideas and practices, i.e. thesesocial innovations, con be seen as the beginning of a new, emerging scenario:the scenario of livable proximity.

Although the problems of the society of distance were evident since long time, until 2019, the ideas and practices that had led to the definition of the scenario of proximity have slowly advanced. Then the pandemic arrived and, paradoxically, the same sanitary distancing it required has shown everyone how important physical proximity is: the social role of neighborhood services; the advantage of working close to where you live; the importance of having good relationships with the tenants next-door. In short, the value of the scenario pf proximity has been recognized by a growing number of people and institutions

The lecture discusses this scenario of proximity, showing how it has emerged from thegrassroots social innovationsof the past 20 years, and how, in some cities, it has become a reference for action, sometimes using the expression "15-minute city, with the creation of newproximity systemscapable of responding to many, if not all, the daily needs of citizens.

The conceptual background on which the lecture is based can be found in: "Design, When Everybody Designs", MIT Press 2015, "Politics of the Everyday." Bloomsbury, 2019 and Livable Proximity (Egea, 2022);Plug-ins: Design for City Making in Barcelona”(with Albert Fuster and Roger Paez - Elisava and Actar Publishers 2023.